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web site design, development and hosting.

Web Site Design

Website Design


There are many ways to market your website on the Internet.
So many in fact, that whole companies have sprouted up that do nothing else but specialize in marketing you online, which is fine if you are a large corporation with a fat advertising budget. But for the rest of us we need to look at more economical alternatives, and there are many cost-effective steps that can be taken to market and advertise your website. Here are a few.

Search Engine Submission.
There are over 1500+ Search Engines on the Internet today, but did you know that more than 99% of the Search Engine traffic is done through only a select dozen of them? Those dozen are the ones where you want to concentrate your marketing efforts and our submission package submits your site to them, plus another dozen or so just for good measure. Our service also includes building & embedding the all-important META tags that list your site's keywords & description. 

Search Engine Placement & Tracking.
Once we get you listed in the Search Engines then the real fun begins, getting you a high ranking and keeping you there up there. It's not easy because each and every one of your competitors wants to be there too, but we've got a lot of knowledge & experience behind us to keep them at bay. We work with you to identify & target your online customer base, selected keywords, & targeted search engines. When we have that information we will go back and fine tune your pages, sometime even making wholesale changes, all designed to get you in the top of the search engines. Once up there we will continue monitoring your placement on a regular basis, and should your listing slip or fall below an acceptable level, we go back and make the necessary changes to boost it up again.

Banner Development & Placement.
A banner campaign can be one of the fastest ways of driving visitors to your site. Artistic Internet Services can design a graphically appealing static or animated banner for you to distribute to other strategic  websites. Once clicked on, the banner will take people directly to your website.

Website Design

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